CHRISCOMM - Questions Frequently

1) If you have installed single-mode optical fiber, can be spliced with a multimode?

Answer: You can not, because the single-mode fiber core is 9 microns and Multimode 50/62.5 um, I'd have to install a converter FO to convert the signal.

2) I can turn a full duplex signal at a signal to a thread?

Answer: Yes, if you can use a converter to Dual Mono.

3) I can install fiber link 4 Ethernet devices?

Answer: Yes, you can Installing a converter type IN port switch with Fiber Optic Ethernet and 4 OUT.

4) Optical fiber patch cord canĀ“t resist to crushing?

Answer: If use patch cords with Armored protection. (please refer to our Link patch cords and accessories).

5) Is there a patch cord to help me organize the wiring density in the rack or wiring center?

Answer: Yes, we have patch cord for these solutions.

6) I can install optical fiber cables armored on power poles?

Answer: I could do it but we suggest using optical fiber cables ADSS type and F-8 cable with steel messenger.

7) I can install medium converters equipment of different brands?

Answer: Yes, but sometimes some companies handle certain communication protocols that are not compatible with other brands, we suggest before using our products, please contact our support department and technical support before making a purchase.

8) The Chriscomm ODF can withstand high density connectors for increasing the capacity of optical distributor?

Answer: The ODF Chriscomm, are designed to increase capacity with High Density Adapters LC, for eg a 1RU ODF, normal capacity is 24 fiber ports. Using our high-density LC panels, ODF is a 48-port capable of optimizing the installed capacity within the rack.